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Quarter pipe help

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Quarter pipe help

Postby Ruger223 on Mon Dec 22, 2008 1:06 pm

can some one tell me how many peices of 2x4, 3/8 ply wood, 3/4 ply wood and metal pipe i need for a quater pipe that is 10ft wide, 5ft heigh, 5ft deck and a 6.5ft tran?

note it is going to be used for bmx and is also going to be build by make 2 5ft qp and joinin them together and is only goin to hav a plywood surface.
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Re: Quarter pipe help

Postby BuildARamp on Tue Jan 27, 2009 7:41 am

Is there a reason you want to use those measurements for a quarter pipe? Did you just come up with them off the top of your head? I ask because there are alot of things to consider with your dimensions. The first one is the width you want to make it, 10 ft is kind of an odd size. Usually it is cheaper and less waistfull to go 8ft or even 12ft wide with any ramp. This is because the cheapest 2x4's and plywood all come in 8ft lengths. So if you built a quarter pipe at 8ft wide you would save some money and if you want to go wider than 8ft it just makes sense to go another 4 ft to 12ft if you have the room for it.

The other consideration is the height, going 5ft requires more 3/4 ply to extend the extra foot, not to mention the extra 2x4's and sheeting plywood you will need.

You can call any plumbing supply store and get prices for black steel pipe at whatever length you need.

It's pretty easy to figure out what you will need for building materials if you get out some paper and draw out the ramp. Just figure on placing a 2x4 every 6 - 8 inches along your templates. If you go with an 8ft wide 4ft hig quarter pipe you can fit 2 templates on 1 sheet of 3/4 plywood if you plot it out right. If you go wider than 8ft you will need another sheet of 3/4 ply. I also recommend using 3/4 ply for the deck.

Finally, I have found over the years that using a layer of 1/2 inch first then a thiner layer of 3/8 ply for the second sheet saves you money in the long run as far as getting holes in your ramp.
Sincerely Brandon Cardone,
Author of "The Beginners Guide To Building Ramps"
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