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wall ride on a 4ft halfpipe

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wall ride on a 4ft halfpipe

Postby rovertsicnarf on Tue May 08, 2012 8:54 am

im building this halfpipe like on this site but im wanting to take one side of the ramp and put a 4ftx8ft wall ride on top is there any way to do this with keeping the coping on it so i can still have the option to hit the coping and still be able to hit the wall ride without dying on the coping on the way back down....would a little 2"x3.5"x8' wedge running along the bottom of the wall ride between it and the coping fix this? kinda confusing but im making this for skate and bmx any suggestions will help.

this was my general idea.. i was thinking of using the 2x8 on the top edge of the ramp on the platform side of the coping and putting two 3/4" plywood pieces side by side standing 8' tall from the ground and then building the support/platform steps behind this (altered a little of course for strength) i figure is this will leave about a two inch gap between the coping and plywood because of the width of the 2x8. so would this wedge idea work or just be a disaster.?file:///C:/Users/rovertsicnarf/Documents/Dell%20WebCam%20Central/Snap%20Photos/120508-105204.jpg
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