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Two 1/4 pipes or 1/2 pipe ????

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Two 1/4 pipes or 1/2 pipe ????

Postby surfskate8aus on Tue Jul 07, 2015 1:32 pm

Hey guys ... could really use some expert feedback. Looking to build a backyard
mini ramp 16 feet(4 meters) wide. 4 feet (1.2 meters) high.

My question is this - we have a super bitchin nice smooth level concrete pad
5m X 5 meters - (18 feet X 18 Feet).

I'm considering building 2 X 1/4 pipes and utilising the concrete flats as opposed to
building a 1/2 pipe with plywood flats. My logic is this, we live in a semi tropical
region of Australia with lots of rain - if I were to build a 1/2 pipe the flats would
collect water and deteriorate quickly as well as being a trap for humidity underneath. I'm also thinking I can slide the 1/4 sections forward and back to find the perfect length of flats as opposed to having to 100% commit to the flat section dimensions in the build process of a 1/2 pipe. There is also a cost component of not having to build and sheet the flat sections - when I have the concrete to utilise.

My question is this, I have only ever skated bowls and complete 1/2 pipes, I'm wondering if transitioning from concrete to a flat steel approach lip (lip meets concrete floor - meets plywood sheeting) will detract from the skating experience / fun of the ramp. I know lots of indoor skate parks utilise a flat concrete warehouse floor and then use 1/4 pipes for the vert sections.

Just wondering what the right thing to do is. I know it will not be the 100% smooth experience of skating continuous ply sheeting - but will it ruin Christmas and should I bag up and build plywood flats. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

North Coast NSW AUS
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