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Logos on ramps

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Logos on ramps

Postby foursquare on Thu Jan 10, 2008 2:05 pm

I have a mini pipe and I want to a big logo on it. I was wondering if anyone has done this and if so how did you go about it. I was thinking of just getting some vinyl cut and putting it on the surface but I am not sure if it will get screwed up. If anyone can help let me know.

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Re: Logos on ramps

Postby benwinch on Mon Jan 14, 2008 6:58 pm

ive never done it but you could just get a stencil and spray paint the logo on
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Re: Logos on ramps

Postby realrider672 on Sun Mar 02, 2008 2:20 pm

just spray paint the logo then put glaze on it to keep it there thats wat i did at my public sk8 park u can get the glaze at wlmart for 2.00
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Re: Logos on ramps

Postby dss454 on Wed Apr 02, 2008 8:18 pm

buy a big sticker. or make your own BIG sticker
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Re: Logos on ramps

Postby Mattsoft1 on Sun Aug 23, 2009 1:55 pm

Put tape down in the logo shape and then spray paint it. Or what i did is print out simple Skate logos like the Sugar Skate Co. Logo and used a fine pointed knife and cut out the shapes and then you have a skate stencil.
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Re: Logos on ramps

Postby mcjumbo on Wed Aug 26, 2009 10:29 am

free hand it with spray paint.
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