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water and warping issues

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water and warping issues

Postby tman095 on Sat May 17, 2008 3:31 pm

hi i had just built my halfpipe recently and from the sides water has seeped in and warped the bottom of the pipe a decent amount. I have been applying coats of polyurethane but still have problems with the warping. Any tips on getting the wood unwarped. In some spots it seems as if water has warped all 3 plys making it impossible to screw the wood down with screws.

lemme know if anyone has tips on fixing this problem
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Re: water and warping issues

Postby bmxrox on Sun May 18, 2008 9:37 am

well if your boards are already warped then if you apply the polyurathane it isnt going to do you any good. once the board is warped it is pretty much ruined so i would just recomend just replacing them... but before you put them on i would use spar urathane on all of the board and then mabey do two coats. another alturnitive is that you could tarp your mini ramp but the down side on that is that every time you dont want to skate it you have to put it back on and that is a pain in the butt specialy if you have to do it by urself. the one thing that i would recomend (this is only if you have about 1000 bucks laying round) is to cover your ramp sith skatelite or skate armmor some pics of the warped boards would be nice so then i could help you more
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