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Step 2 - 2x4 Skeletons

Materials Required

Take two of the transition pieces you cut in step one, line them up together and draw the marks where you will put each 2x4. Note that two 2x4's will go at the bottom right next to each other, from the bottom, measure each mark to be about 8" apart.

Cut 15 pieces of 2x4 to a length of 7' 10.5". You cut to this length so that when you add each of the 3/4" plywood sides, you get a total length of 8' (which allows the plywood surface to fit nicely). Take the 2x4s and screw them in to connect the side pieces, make sure that the ends of the 2x4s are flush with the curve of the transition.

Notice in the picture above I also put a 2x4 across the back bottom, this helps keep the ramp square.

Finish screwing in the 2x4s at each of the marks you made, do not put the top 2x4 in yet though, you need to place this piece carefully with the coping in mind.

Cut notches for the coping.

Before putting the top 2x4 in place, lets cut the notches for the coping. The coping I am using is 1.5 inch diameter black metal pipe, I picked it up at Home Depot for about $20 per side.

You can see from the picture about how big and where the notch needs to go. Start with a small cut and rest the coping in it, I'll explain how to determine how big your notch needs to be.

Once you have an initial notch, take some scrap pieces of wood that match what you are using for surface. Notice I am using one layer of 3/8" plywood and one layer of 1/4" massonite for my transition surface, then a layer of 3/4" plywood for my platform surface.

Then just look at it from the side to determine what your coping will be like, at this point it is just a matter of preference. Adjust the notch to match how you want your coping to be.

Once you have your notches cut, keep the coping on and screw in the top piece of 2x4, so that it rests up against the coping.

That's it, take the coping off for now, get ready to surface.

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