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Step 3: Build 4 platforms

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Part 1:Screw the 2X6s to the plywood.

Figure 3 imagine that this is lying on the plywood.

The Blue lines going across the top represent 8' long 2X6s, skrew those two into the plywood. Next Cut two pieces of 3' 9" long 2X6s and skrew them in where the black lines are in figure 3.

Part 2: Skrew the 2X4s in.

Cut 7 pieces of 3' 9" 2X4s. Skrew them inbetween the 2x6s as shown by the red lines in figure 3. Make sure to screw them into the plywood and into the 2x6s.

Thats it:Your done with platforms, now repeat steps 1 and 2 three times so that you have 4 platforms.
Go onto Step 4: Build 4 suporters.

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