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Step 6: The Flat Bottom

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This is what will make up the flat part between the transitions of the halfpipe. My Halfpipe only has 8' because That is all the room that I had. I suggest having at least 12' of flat for an 8' halfpipe, so build three of these flat bottom pieces, or else you could build 4 and have a 16' flat bottom.

In the pictures you might notice that I didn't build these pieces, my plywood simply lays on the ground, but now I am paying the price and my plywood is getting warped in the middle.

Part 1:Cut 9 2x4s 4' long.

Figure 1 Imagine that this is laying on a (3/4)" piece of plywood 4' by 8'.

The blue lines are the two 8' long 2x4s, screw them into the plywood that is underneat it, next screw the 4' long 2x4s (the red lines in figure 1) into the plywood and into the 8' long 2x4s.

Thats it:Your done with the flat, now repeat this two or three times (depending on how much flat you want, build one for each 4 feet of flat).
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