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Step 5 - Flat Bottom

Materials Required

I made the flat bottom 6' long, so that the ramp would have a total of 8' flat bottom, the extra two feet comes from the flat on the transition pieces. For the plans i'll give the exact measurements I used, but as usual, you can easily adjust it to your liking.

Cut two pieces of 2x4 to 6', these are the outside pieces of the flatbottom.

Cut 9 pieces of 2x4 to 7' 9", this is 3" short of 8', and the 2x4's are actually 1.5"x3.5" so it will make the pipe 8 feet wide.

Take the two 6' 2x4s and two 7'9" 2x4s to make a box, remember the 6' pieces go on the outside.

Put marks every 8" or so for supports and screw the rest of the 2x4's in.

Push the flat bottom skeleton up to one of the quarter pipe pieces. Make sure everything is lined up, do not screw these pieces together though.

To surface the flat bottom, use sheets of plywood that are 6' 3" long, this will make the surface stick out 1.5" on each end. The 1.5" of plywood that sticks out gets screwed into the transition piece, make sure to only screw this part in for the top surface.

When you want to separate the flat bottom (for moving the ramp), you only need to take out 6-8 screws that are connecting the flat bottom surface to the transition piece.

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