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Step 6 - Platform Support

Materials Required

This is one way to build a very simple back support and bench for your mini ramp. The Mini Halfpipe Plans give different instructions for a solid support, also check out the Project Pages to see some more designs.

I could have cut the 4x4s to the height of the ramp and put them under the 2x4 corner (the corner pictured below, this might be a stronger way if done correctly), but instead I left the 4x4 8 feet long and put it against the inside of the 2x4 corner. To do this, I put the plywood on its resting spot and drew with a pencil where the 4x4 would be coming through.

Next cut a square for the 4x4 to go through. Keep in mind a 4x4 is actually about 3.5" by 3.5". Cut out three more squares using the same method.

Push the 4x4 up against the 2x4 corner and screw it in. User a leveler to make sure the 4x4 is completely vertical.

Add some support to the bottom of the 4x4, so that it cannot shift around.

This next part is only if you want a bench to sit on, again you can customize this however you want (make it stronger and you have a bench you can stall on too). Screw in two 2x4s to the height you want your bench, I think I put mine at 18".

And put a 2x6 on top of that.

It is a good idea to add some cross supports in the back, the picture below shows a single diagonal 2x4, I would have put two of them (and the one being used is a little short) if I had not run out of wood.

Thats it, now send me some pics.

(pic taken before step 6)

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