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TMAC's mini ramp project
By tmac



Ramp currently in progress... will be 44" high, 8' wide and 24' in length... all treated 2X4s and polyurethane sealed plywood... will be surfacing with masonite and elevating above ground on cinder blocks

Update... 2 weeks later... work has dragged me out of town for the past two weeks, but the layering of both transitions is finished...

Just a recommendation, measure twice and cut once, lumber is an expensive thing to waste.

The Coastal Carolinas have had some heavy rains while I've been away, but my $70 - 20'X 30' (Lowes) tarp made all the difference in keeping my wood unwarped. All told I will have used 3 gallons of polyereuthane varnish on this ramp. Consider buying a 5 gallon bucket if you are doing a larger ramp. BTW.... I only stained the plywood / sheathing... all 2X4s were treated (Lowes... $1.97 per/8')

Build Date

August 2009


Wilmington, NC

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