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Free Vert Halfpipe Plans

8 Foot Vert Halfpipe

Height 8'0"
Width 16'
Length 35'

Free Halfpipe Plans

Free plans for a vert halfpipe ( these are the first plans on the site, made when I was in 7th grade )

I was able to build this ramp because a skatepark near me closed down and asked if they could store the wood in Barn #3. I took two 8' quarterpipes and put them together in the other barn. I made a free geocities website to put pictures of the halfpipe, as well as the following plans.

These plans are not very good. They are the first plans that I created and I have not edited them since 1999. I would not recommend building an 8' halfpipe this way, it is overly complicated. To see a better way to make a ramp this big check out this project page. I've decided to keep the plans online, since there are not a lot of step by step instructions out there for building a vert ramp. Unfortunately I cannot improve the plans without building a new vert ramp. Someday I will do this, but not for a while.

    Wood and Screws
  • 172 pieces of 8' 2X4.
  • 24 pieces of 8' 2X6.
  • 24 pieces of (3/4) inch plywood.
  • 32 pieces of (3/8) inch plywood.
  • 16 pieces of (1/8) inch massonite.
  • A lot of 2.5" drywall screws
  • 4 pieces of 8' long 2.5" diamater metal coping
    Tools required
  • Drill (bits to match screws)
  • Power Saw
  • Tape measure
  • leveler
  • 90 degree angle edge
  • pencil
  • chalk (string to make straight lines)

The Free 8' Half Pipe Plans

1+2. Build the quarterpipe skeletons
3. Build 4 platforms
4. Build 4 Supporters
5. Build 4 back walls
6. The Flat Bottom
7. Coping
8. Put it together
9. Plywood

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