Free skate ramp plans

Free Quarter Pipe Plans

Here you will find free original plans for a 4 feet high 8 feet wide quarter pipe with a 4 foot platform. This quarterpipe is perfect for both skateboarding and aggressive skating, it works for bmx riding, but is a little small to do much with on a bike. It took me about three hours to build. The total cost of this quarterpipe is about $200.

Be sure to read through all of the plans as well as the General Building Tips before starting to build. For this particular quarterpipe I built a semi-detachable platform, because its resting spot is against a wall that I proped the platform onto. I recommend building the platform into the quarterpipe, how to do this is explained in the miniramp and mini halfpipe plans.

Materials required
13 pieces of 8' 2X4 $35
4 pieces of 8' 2X6 $15
1 piece of 8' 4x4 $7
2 pieces of (3/4) inch plywood $44
4 pieces of (3/8) inch plywood $44
2 pieces of (1/4) inch massonite $20
8' 1.5 inch diameter black metal pipe         $22

Total Cost: $187


Time Lapse Video

This ramp being built in 90 seconds

The Quarterpipe Plans

Step 1: Cut the sides

Step 1

Step 2: two by fours

Step 2

Step 3: Platform

Step 3

Step 4: Coping

Step 4

Step 5: Surface

Step 5

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