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Step 1 - The Flat Bottom

Materials Required
Part 1: Make an 8' by 8' Square

Dig spots for the four pieces of concrete which create a square that is 8' by 8'. Make sure that they are exactly level by placing an 8' 2x6 on them and puttin a leveler on top.

Cut two pieces of 2x6 to 7' 9" and use two pieces of 8' 2x6s to make a square on the cement blocks (putting the shorter 2x6s on the inside).

It is crutial that these four pieces create an exact square or else you will run into problems later, measure along the diagonal from each corner to corner to make sure that it is the same length.

Part 2: 2x6 Support

Next make marks at every 8" along the outside 2x6s, which is where you will put in each additional 2x6 support (if you mark every 8 inches, there should be 11 marks). Next cut 11 pieces of 2x6 to 7' 9" and screw them in where you put the marks.

It is a good idea to screw in a 2x6 on top as seen above, this will keep your flat bottom square for later steps.

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