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Step 3 - 2x6 Skeleton

Materials required: 18 pieces of treated 8' 2x6s, two pieces of treated 8' 2x8s.

First, dig two holes for the concrete pieces on each side where the side pieces you cut from the last step will go.

Again, use a 2x6 to make sure that the blocks are level. Place two cement blocks on each side where the end of the side piece will go, make sure that the cement blocks are 8' apart.

From the previous step, you should have 4 pieces of the side transition pieces of plywood. Lay them all on top of eachother and make marks every 8", drawing a line along each 4 side piece as shown below.

Joyce hangers are optional. They don't actually make the halfpipe stronger but it makes it easier to screw in the 2x6s. If you are working by yourself I highly recommend using joyce hangers. If you choose to use them, use a stub of a 2x6 and place it in a joyce hanger, then screw in the joyce hanger on each side piece at each of the marks you made.

Here is what one side piece should look like after adding the joyce hangers. Do this for all four pieces, make sure that two are done on one side, then two on the other so that the joyce hangers face the inside of the halfpipe.

Place the side pieces on the cement blocks you dug holes for.

Now cut 18 pieces of the treated 2x6s to 7' 10.5" and screw them into the side pieces, like so.

Make sure to put a 2x6 at the very bottom of the side piece, so where the side piece meets the flatbottom should look like this.

Screw in a 2x6 at each mark you made earlier (every 8").

Next take a treated piece of 2x8 and cut it to 7' 10.5" and screw it vertically into the top. This will add support to your ramp and help make a grove for the coping.

Something that I have not mentioned before now, the notches in the sides where the coping will rest. I forgot to take pictures of us cutting these notches, nor did I measure. Fear not, to determine how much to cut out for the notch first cut small pieces of what your surface, platform, and coping will be, for example we had two small pieces of 3/8" plywood, skatelite, 1.5 black metal coping, and the 1x6 deck pieces. Next keep cutting into the sides slightly and test how the coping will stick out by putting your small pieces in place untill you like the way it looks. How much the coping will stick out is a matter of preference, personally I like the coping to be flush with the transition and sticking out a lot above the platform, but some like it to stick out from the transition so it hits your wheels when you ride up to it.

Thats it for step 3, your halfpipe should now look something like this

Or from far away...

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