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Step 7: Coping

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What to use for coping: I have 2.5 inch diameter pvc on one side and the same in metal on the other. The pvc slides easier when it isn't waxed, but the metal is tougher, although the metal is more expensive and you have to keep it from rusting.
I think does a fine explanation of how to do it, so here it is...
Using your 1/4-inch metal drill bit, drill holes all the way through the coping (through both sides of the pipe) about 1-inch in on either end of the pipes, as well as in the middle of the pipes, so that both pieces of coping have three holes drilled all the way through them. On both pieces of coping, pick one side to be the front or back. On the sides you choose to be the front, use your 1/2-inch metal drill bit to enlarge all three holes being careful not to enlarge the holes on the back. Take your long Phillips head screw driver bit and screw the coping into the 2x4s in the coping cradle notch. The enlarged holes in the front should allow the screw and the driver bit to get inside the pipe, while the smaller hole on the back should catch the head of the screw and keep it fastened to the 2x4s. Repeat for both sides of the ramp.
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