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Step 9: Plywood

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36 sheets for a 12 foot flat. 32 for an 8' or 40 for a 16'.
Skrew the plywood into the 2X4s using 2.5 inch drywall screws. The top pieces need to be bent a lot, to bend them get a couple of people and have them lean slowly against the plywood, then screw the plywood into one row of 2X4s at a time, strating at the end and working your way to the bottom.

Once you are done with the bottom layer, do another layer going in the other direction so that the seems do not line up. Some people do it diagonal but that it a lot of extra work.

If you prefer you can put a finshing layer of masonite on the top (which is what I have), but it is not needed.

Your halfpipe should look like this:

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