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Step 3 - Box Sides

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Wood Required

The wood required is for my funbox which is 2' high, 5' wide, and has a flat top length of 7', you will need to adjust the wood required for different specs.

Part 1: Pick A Length

The first thing you need to do is decide how long of a flat section you want on your funbox. Things to consider are if you are going to be doing airs over the box and if you are going to put a rail on the box. When I built this funbox the main purpose was to air over it on roller blades, so I made the flat top to be 5'4" long, which turned out to be perfect when using a 4' quarterpipe for building speed, it was pretty much impossible to clear on a skateboard with the same amount of speed though. As you can see I put a rail in, it would have been nice to have a longer section to grind over the flat part, so its a trade off.

Making my box have a 5'4" flat section, I put 8" of flat on each of the side pieces then made the box 4' long, so the plywood fits perfectly. You could plan ahead for your funbox also so that your box is 4' long then you add additional length to the side pieces. However you can just keep 8" on the side pieces and adjust the length of the box section, the box surface just wont be as easy.

Part 2: Box Sides

Just as a note when I built this funbox I wasn't using any plans, so I just started screwing wood together to make the box, if you think you have a better way of making the box feel free to do it that way, otherwise this way works just fine.

I'll assume you are building your funbox to be 5'4" feet long long like mine, so if your box is a different length just adjust the lengths to meet your box.

Now remember how you added 8" of a flat top to each of the 4 sides? So since I wanted my flat top to be 5'4" long, I need to make the box 4' long.

Cut 3 pieces of 2x6s to a length of 4'9" (width of funbox less 3"), and cut two pieces of 4x4s to a length of 2' (height of funbox), screw them together like so.

Repeat this step so you have two sides.

Part 3: Connect the two sides

Cut two pieces of 2x6 to a length of 5' (width of funbox). Use them to connect the two sides like this.

I'm not sure why I made the 4x4s go on the outside rather than turn the side pieces around and put them on the inside, either way works but i'd probably recommend doing it the other way.

Step 4: Supports

Cut 5 pieces of 2x4s to the length of the space between the sides. For me I cut the 2x4s to 3'3" (4' minus 6" for the two 4x4's minus 3" for two 2x6's). You can always just take a tape measure to see how long you need to cut the two by fours.

Screw in a 2x4 every 8" or so.

You might also want to add a couple of diagonal 2x4s for stability, I never did this though and had no problems.

Thats it! Your funbox skeleton is complete.

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