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Step 2 - 2x4s

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Wood Required

Screw In The 2x4s

This step is pretty easy, cut the 2x4s to the width that you want your funbox to be. The funbox shown in the pictures is 5' wide, it is more practical in terms of plywood to make the box 4' or 8' long (since plywood is 4'x8'), but my funbox is in a 8' wide lane and I wanted to be able to skate around it, 4' wasn't wide enough for me because it would be difficult to clear the box with the rail on it.

Take the four sides you cut out in step 1 and lay them on top of each other. Draw marks about every 8" (this is where the 2x4s will go), you need to have a 2x4 at the very bottom and at the peak of the transition, so try to figure out a way to space the 2x4s evenly leaving about 8" between them.

Now that you have your marks drawn, screw in the 2x4s at the marks. As you can see in the pictures below, the bottom 2x4 goes horizontally (since the bottom of the side pieces is 1.5" high, and a 2x4 is actually 3.5" by 1.5"), the rest go perpendicular to the transition. Use two screws per side per 2x4.

Quick note, for those of you looking closely at the pictures, you might notice I dont have a 2x4 going perpendicular where the transition meets the flat top of the side piece, this was a mistake by me, and made it much more difficult to apply the plywood.

Thats It! You now have two skeleton pieces waiting for a box to be built between them.

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