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Step 5 - Platform Surface

Materials required: 12 pieces of 8' 1x6s (deck surfacing) and two 8' 2x6s.

Another option here is to use 2x6s, which are actually a little cheaper than the rounded edge deck surfacing 1x6s. Also you could use 3/4" plywood.

Each 1x6 should be cut to 8'. For the first piece you will need to cut out a square so that the 4x4 fits, like this.

Finish screwing in the rest of the pieces, you might need to cut the last piece so that it is flush with where the coping will go.

At this point you can also build a simple bench. There are many options available, but this model only requires two 2x6s and is quite easy to make. Cut the tops of the 4x4s to the height you want your bench to be and screw in the 2x6s as shown.

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