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Step 3 - Build the Platform

Materials Required
Different Ways Of Doing This

As I mention in Step 1, I recommend making the platform built into the quarterpipe. (See step 1 for how to do this, you will deviate from the directions on this page)

This next part is pretty self explanatory, use the two 8' 2x6's on the outside and screw in the two 41.5" 2x6's on each end, then measure out one foot and screw in each of the 41.5 inch 2x4s like in the picture below.

Next, screw the 3/4" plywood to the top, you should note that the plywood is wider than the platform, don't worry, the plywood should stick out 3.5" one one side, like this.

So the whole platform should now look like this

Next, set the platform on the quarterpipe piece built in steps 1 and 2. Like this.

It is a good idea to have help when lifting the platform onto the quarterpipe piece, you can see me struggle doing it by myself in the video. Next cut the 4x4 into two pieces and put them at the other two corners of the platform so that it is level. In the picture below I only used 2x6's, but this is because where I have my quarterpipe it is up against the barn wall where there are already supports for it so I just put the 2x6's there for a temporary support. At this point it would also be a good idea to put in some diagonal suppots (some 2x4's going from the bottom of the 4x4 to the corner where the platform meets the quarterpipe piece) for extra stability.

Now that you have the platform in place lets take another look at this picture

Note that there is a gap between the 3.5" of plywood that sticks out of the platform and the quarterpipe piece from steps 1 and 2. Again do not worry this was planned. This could have been avoided by cutting the square out of the plywood differently in step one, but if the gap weren't there then the coping would stick up too much (if you prefer the coping sticks up a lot, perhaps you should adjust the cuts in step 1 so that this gap is smaller), I designed these plans so that the gap would be 3/4", so that the left over plywood from step 1 would fit perfectly. There probably wont be a 3.5" by 8' piece of plywood left in the scraps, so I cut out two 4' by 3.5" pieces of 3/4" plywood and used them to fill this gap.

Its a perfect fit!

One last note, you may notice that in the pictures my side piece top cut is not actually 5.5", when building the quarterpipe I didn't account for the fact the the quarterpipe would not reach vert so I cut incorrectly, but I assure you the cut should be 5.5" so that the coping is flush with the transition.

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