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Step 4 - Coping

Materials required: One piece of 8' 1.5" black metal pipe (coping).

As you can see in the picture above, you need two metal drill bits, one that is 11/64" an one that is 21/64". First take the 21/64" drill bit and drill 4 holes evenly spaced into the coping, being sure that the holes are all lined up. Next take the 11/64" drill bit and drill a small hole on the opposite side of the coping from the bigger holes you just drilled (put the small drill bit through the hole you made with the big drill bit to drill the opposite side).

The reason for the big hole on top is so that you can fit the head of the screw in the hole, the reason for the small hole on the oppsite side is for the tip of the screw to go in. Now place the coping at the top of the quarterpipe and screw it in where you want it to go. You will need an extended bit that will fit in the big hole you drilled and long enough to reach the small hole.

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